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Audit Management System for highest flexibility

audimexEE is an audit management system for highest expectations on the implementation of auditing processes and corporate structures. The system's core is a powerful and highly flexible audit universe, in which every aspect of your company can be mapped. This creates an audit management system which fits your requirements like a tailor-made suit and enables maximum level of audomation. Naturally, audimexEE supports all the phases of the conventional auditing activities, such as planning, implementation, follow-up and reporting.


  • Proven: Best-practice processes
  • Flexible: Fine-grained configuration and customizing
  • Powerful: High performance and security
  • Global: Multi-tenant capability, multiple languages
  • Independent: 100% web technology, platform independent

Target groups

Mid-size to very larget audit unity worldwide; audit units having complex structures, also with individual requirements; companies of every industry worldwide


  • German
  • English
  • Italian