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Added values

The introduction of audit software has to be of benefit for your company. It is up to you whether the desired added value is more qualitative or quantitative in nature: You decide and we will help you to achieve your aims.

audimexEE was developed to generate essential added values.

Management information

A rapid and reliable overview

  • A rapid overview already starts during long-term planning. audimexEE allows you to view the risk estimation and due dates of audit objects at a glance. This gives you a firm grip on the coverage of your audit universe.
  • Each audit is linked to one or more audit objects. Findings can also be assigned to processes and measures to the responsible organisational units, so that you always have an overview of which audits have been performed where in your company and what the current planning status is.
  • You obtain reliable answers, through standard reports with individual selection criteria, to questions such as: "Show me all open and due measures in the organisational unit which have at least the severity grade serious."
  • User-defined reports allow you to immediately view the information stored in audimexEE. Regular reporting can therefore be individually tailored by you to your requirements.

A solid base for decisions

The contents of the central data storage are always current, meaningful and without gaps. So that you can obtain the required information without any ifs or buts, and always up to date.

Comparability of all results

It is only possible to obtain results that can be compared with each other through standardisation and homogenisation. It is therefore of interest when findings occur in various organisational units but not in others during comparable auditing procedures. Not only can this be used to determine deficits: The role of auditing as a competent advisory unit is also underscored.

Target / Actual analysis

  • The target/actual analyses integrated in audimex enable comparisons between the real actual status and the original annual plan. A simple click on a standard report provides a comprehensive view of the actual processing status and informs you about possible deviations from milestones.
  • The recording of efforts enables planning optimisation using the statistical data results obtained from previous audits. In addition, the types of activities within the audit become quantifiable and can therefore be displayed, for example, administrative overhead of audits.

Quality assurance

Quality of measure implementation

The integrated deadline and resubmission administration ensures seamless monitoring of measure implementation. The implementation documentation of the auditees or their representatives in the system guarantees seamless traceability of measure processing. You will be automatically reminded about deadlines and due measures. In addition, an escalation process can be defined on the basis of your requirements.

Traceability of audit selection

The audit selection is implemented in audimexEE according to risk analysis and at compulsory intervals. audimexEE provides the planner with maximum freedom whilst still prompting the planner to provide reasons for the actions - for example, through obligatory comments. This means the actual audit planning is always traceable for the audit committee and for external parties.

Traceability of results

If individual audit procedures are documented in addition to the findings, then all procedures and the subsequent results can be determined by a third person. Added documents underline and explain the audit results. Findings and measures can of course be evaluated and categorised as usual. Audit reports can often be kept more compact, which is welcomed by management.

Higher audit standard

A higher audit standard is achieved with a user-configured approval workflow through the use of best-practice audit procedures, knowledge exchange, compliance with specifications and a structured working method.

Auditable working

Archiving and versioning means that all processes are implemented in an auditable manner. All changes in the system or in reports are recorded and archived. It is then clear who changed what document and when.

Improving efficiency

Work reduction

  • In audimexEE, the auditing manager, auditors and auditees all work in one system. There is no need to administrate different data stocks and no media discontinuities can occur. The perfected Office integration means that information flows into Word documents and can also be retrieved from them again. Manual outlay for "Cut&Paste" is not required.
  • By allowing auditees controlled access to the measures relevant to them, you not only enable closer cooperation but also hand over a part of the documentation work to the specialist department.
  • No need for irritating information procurement during measure processing. All necessary information can be found in the follow-up.
  • audimexEE contains a series of mechanisms for automation of processes during auditing. These include, for instance, the calculation of report mailing lists or the automatic sending of e-mails.

Time saving

  • All reports occur at the click of a button so that there is no need for time-consuming combination of information from various audit reports, E-mails, telephone notes and other documents - all of which have entirely different formats. This not only frees up resources for other activities, the required information is available precisely and immediately without any delay, even from decentral audit departments.
  • Audit procedures and checklists do not need to be reworked each time. They are selected in audimexEE according to the audit area and auditing depth from your Best Practice catalogues. So the wheel does not need reinventing each time: In contrast, each auditor can profit from the knowledge of colleagues and in turn contribute towards the optimisation of such catalogues by contributing experience and special skills.
  • Access to previous audits with all the relevant documentation, audit results and processing status of the measures is implemented location-independent in one system. The full text search in all or specific documents pertaining to a specific audit also saves valuable time and avoids redundancies.
  • Audit documents such as audit notification, lists of findings or measures and audit reports can be generated directly in audimexEE. User-defined Word templates are created for this purpose and they are filled with the applicable database contents when selected. This results in a standard MS Word document that reflects your Corporate Design and which can be further processed as usual. Irritating formatting work in Word can be completely omitted.
  • audimexEE can be adapted so that the final findings and measures listed in a standard audit report in MS Word format can be read into the database. So you can profit from a complete system-supported measure tracking process without having to modify the existing working method.

The essentials in focus

You can optimise the use of your resources through risk-oriented audit planning. audimexEE supports you in the comprehensive, long-term planning approach and calculates the risks of the audit objects according to your requirements, whereby information from previous audits can also flow into the calculation. audimexEE suggests the next audit date for each audit object, based on the risk assessment and the due dates of compulsory audits. You can use this to plan your audits in transparent calendar views so that auditors can be deployed according to their qualifications.

Compliance with required standards

IIA standards

audimexEE supports the working method recommended by national and international organisations.

External auditors

External auditors typically look for the traceability of the selected audits, the quality of the audit documentation and proof of measure implementation in an internal audit. audimexEE supports you here in all cases.

Supervisory authorities

audimexEE is also used by supervisory authorities. You can therefore be sure that your requirements are met.

Data protection

audimex is based on a strict role and rule-based access system. Each user will have specific access rights, depending on the role. You specify who receives read or write access or who sees which navigation links. You control access options and responsibilities with this access system. You can set up a strict separation of clients in audimexEE.


Added values

Added values are generated on numerous levels such as economic efficiency or quality through the introduction of audimexEE. The investment costs are paid for in a very short time. The work of the auditors is significantly facilitated and transparently structured. The audit manager obtains a complete overview and control of the entire process in just one tool. The report options will impress management by concentrating on the essentials, transparency and meaningfulness.