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audimexEE’s adaptability to individual requirements is one of the major strengths of the system.

The key to this is its comprehensive configurability and a high degree of parametrization.

Our customers can individually opt for design and configuration options according to their own preferences. However, there is no need for any specific programming knowledge.

Enterprise modelling

In audimexEE, customers can map their view, as an auditing department, of the enterprise in a multi-stage hierarchy, freely structured.

This makes dependencies, such as a process and subprocesses, or groupings, such as divisions and sections, apparent.

Risk models

The risk catalogue predefined in the default version (detailed questions about risk criteria), and the risk model (set of rules for aggregation into a risk value, including weighting), can be customized.  

It is also possible to define more than one risk catalogue or model.


All the designations for masks, fields, list-box entries, etc. stored in the system can be altered. Selection lists in the form of list boxes, for example for types of audit, are freely configurable.

Since the masks have a generic structure, a term only has to be changed once at a central location in order to rename it throughout the system.


In the default version, German and English are implemented as languages. In multilingual teams, the language setting chosen by the individual user is preselected via the log-in, but can then be changed, as well.

Additional languages can be added if needed, as a "supplement", rather than a change, to the terminology.

Workflow and approvals

The individual phases in the auditing process are represented in audimexEE not as separate modules, but conceived as stages in a continuous workflow. Each advance in the work process thus is marked by a status transition. Besides the ability to alter the status transitions preconfigured in the default version, as many new intermediate stages as desired can be added, or deleted if necessary. Each status can be managed using a configurable release process. 

This applies to the work flow of documents, as well. And a change in the work process is reflected simultaneously in the graphical audit navigator, too.


seperation (reading and writing access) of data according to tenants:
The global data used by all the tenants will be differentiated from the local data which can be seen and edited only from one single tenant. 


audimexEE possesses a system of rights based on roles and rules.
Some "typical" roles, such as that of a head auditor or auditor, are already implemented in the default version.

The setting of the rights can be customized as part of the configuration. The settings for the preconfigured roles can be altered or completely redefined.