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From a single source

For that, we assist our customers in adapting and introducing the system and provide all services from a single source.

We have been established ourselves as a highly reliable and flexible partner in introducing audimexEE in huge international audit organizations as well as in audit departments of local companies.

Some of our standard services within the introduction of our audit management solutions are described below.


We are happy to explain the advantages of our product, but the emphasis is always on a solution that suits the individual case, i.e. how specific requirements can be represented in audimexEE. If you inform us of these even before the first presentation, we will arrive prepared accordingly.
If adaptations are necessary, we determine the specific deltas together with the customer, and submit proposals for corresponding solutions, which we will also be pleased to implement for a fixed price if specified in enough detail.


We possess extensive know-how, ranging far beyond the merely technical aspects, such as in the structuring of audit fields, the selection and implementation of suitable risk models, or the definition of processes.

Closely linked to this are questions on the individualized configuration of audimex.


The adaptation of audimexEE can be done in principle by means of configuration or customizing.
By configuration is meant in this context all options for adaptation that are open to customers themselves, that is to say, do not require programming.
The default configuration of audimexEE is oriented to the typical needs of smaller audit departments. Experience shows that a large part of the delta list can be handled already by appropriate adjustment of the configuration.
In the typical case, customers commission us to do the initial configuration, and perform subsequent adaptations themselves.


Customizing, i.e. alterations or extensions of the software, opens a wide range of options for shaping the software. We follow two basic principles in doing this:

First: Implementation and quality assurance are done in continuous coordination with the customer. For this purpose, we set up a test system with on-line access, on which the current state of the work is agreed upon with the customer at regular intervals. In this way, time-consuming and expensive misdevelopments can be detected and avoided at an early stage.

Second: For the sake of sustainable upgradability, the implementation is carried out with the apparatus, and in accordance with the basic principles, used for developing the default version of audimexEE. Otherwise, we inform our customers explicitly of possible consequences, such as considerably greater effort and expense in the case of a new version being released.


The integration into the system architecture in which audimexEE is supposed to operate is in principle the responsibility of the operator. In many cases, this is an internal service provider of the customer, whom we will be pleased to advise to the extent desired, and assist with the installation, for example. If desired, we will also observe user tests, and offer a comprehensive training program.


The standard training schedule for audimexEE comprises three role-specific basic training sessions, each one or two days long, with the focus on planning, auditing, and administration.

As an alternative, we offer training by individual agreement. For example, if a customer wishes to conduct general training sessions with its own staff, a "train the trainer" concept may be the appropriate solution.

Software maintenance

We want a long-term, cooperative relationship with our customers, even after the "go live" date.

As the basic maintenance service, we offer the following services in a software updating package:

•    provision of new releases (at least one release per year)
•    provision of service packs
•    hotline with personal contact for software bugs ("third-level support")
•    online system for bug reporting and tracking

Hosting and operation

We have years of experience in operating software systems and also offer hosting and operation of audimexEE, in cooperation with a computing-center services provider.