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audimexEE has been created entirely with platform-independent web technology.

Its security and scalability meet our customers’ strictest requirements.
Various import and export interfaces make audimexEE an open system.
As a producer of standard software, we provide our customers a forward-looking system that meets their needs at an attractive price. 

Web technology

We see Web technology as the best choice for this, not only because this is where our technological core competence is, but because a web-based system is best suited to the mode of operation of internal auditing in our eyes.
Furthermore, only one central server needs to be installed, configured, and operated, which permits inexpensive operation, since no wide distribution of the software is required. audimexEE is currently running under both Unix and Windows operating systems. And different Web servers and database systems are supported, as well.


Security is of decisive importance for a system for internal auditing, in particular.  

audimexEE meets the demands of independent experts in this respect, with solutions such as HTTPS encoding, measures to prevent internal manipulations (e.g. SQL injection), and a role-based and rule-based system of rights. 


Scalability is a decisive criterion, especially for large auditing organizations.  

audimexEE is based on multipliable components. In combination with relational database technology, this allows it to be used by several hundred users and for correspondingly large amounts of data per installation; indeed, this is common practice among customers of that size.


Interfaces ensure the necessary openness of a system.

audimexEE possesses not only interfaces for general import and export formats such as XML or CSV, but also integrates Word and Excel conveniently. Exporting of data to Excel or generating reports in Word can be initiated by "pressing a button".