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While developing audimexSD, we intensively focussed on those features required by simply structured and pragmatic audit units. 

Structuring of the audit objects

  • process or organisation oriented
  • mixed forms with the inclusion of additional types of audit objects
  • multilevel hierarchy (superorder/suborder, dependencies, groupings)

Risk assessment

  • flexible risk assessment in Excel including planning relevant audit data out of the database
  • versioning of risk assessments

Audit Planning

  • planning perspective: audit objects / year
  • planning possibilities: risk-oriented, fixed schedule (mandatory audits)
  • automatic planning suggestion
  • long-term planning
  • detailed planning of audits in a clear calendar view
  • ad-hoc creation of special audits

Audit preparation

  • determination of audit content
  • case-related new creation of audit structure
  • knowledge base
  • announcement of audits using customisable templates

Performing of audits and reporting

  • evaluation and documentation of the results
  • automatic spell check
  • recording of findings and recommendations
  • categorisation of the findings and allocation to audit universe and audit program
  • allocation of vital documentary evidence
  • determination of the responsibilities for respective recommendations
  • determination of individual deadlines and classification per recommendation
  • obtaining management comments to each recommendation with fillable MS Word forms
  • generation of the audit reports in MS Word

Documentation and filing system

  • consistent structuring of the filing system
  • easy finding of documents
  • versioning of documents
  • archiving with write protection
  • document management in the database

Implementation tracking

  • resubmission of due recommendations
  • overview of recommendations
  • trackability of statements and postponement of deadlines
  • storage of Outlook e-mail messages of the auditees through a drag-and-drop operation
  • pragmatic integration of auditees with fillable MS Word forms transmitted via emails


  • audit map (what was audited when?)
  • audit state, findings and recommendations by area
  • cross-audit completion status of recommendations
  • comprehensive reporting
  • Excel export
  • predefined default reports
  • integrated report generator
  • saving and publishing of predefined analysis
  • automatic generation of cross-audit reports according to individual MS Word document templates

Archiving of audits

  • write protection of archived audits including attached documents, emails and follow up actions
  • logical deletions of out-dated audit objects, resigned users and other master data

Independent, networked work

  • offline work
  • data comparison with colleagues

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