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You can either purchase or rent our audit software audimexSD. In both cases, all expenses are minmal and transparent.

Moreover, we offer two different workshops for an optimal introduction of audimexSD. Both workshops, the implementation workshop as well as the optimization workshop, can be booked optionally.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for an individual quotation.


Purchasing the required number of licences, outlines the standard practice for using audimexSD. If you plan using audimexSD for long-term, this option is the most favourable variant.


EUR 1,500 per license


A maintenance contract can be closed optionally in addition to purchasing the licenses. That allows free access to all software updates and software support. The maintenance fee amounts to 20% on the license price.


If you opt for renting audimexSD, you benefit from a flexible all-inclusive package, that especially focusses on temporarily using the audit software.


monthly fee of EUR 89 per auditor


  • no one-time license costs
  • no additional maintenance costs
  • no minimum contract duration
  • support and software updates included


In our workshops you learn how to gain maximum benefits from audimexSD and how you can use it the optimal way. All workshops are prepared individually on our customers' needs.

Implementation workshop

The  three-days implementation workshop enables a perfect start with audimexSD. We configure audimexSD and feed in first data. After that, your audit adminstrator and the whole audit team get trained professionally.

The price for the three-days audimexSD implementation workshop amounts to EUR 3,600.

Optimization workshop

The optimization workshop is a workshop following the implementation workshop a few months later. Training goal is to improve your work with audimexSD.

The price for the audimexSD optimization workshop amounts to EUR 1,500.

All prices are net excluding statutory VAT.