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Transparency is not only a key aspect within our software but is also reflected in our entire service portfolio: On this page we serve you with clear overview about several opportunities and about the whole purchase process in general.

Open questions and advice

Do you have other questions about audimexSD? You can find the most frequently asked questions at a glance here.  Did not find an answer to your question - is your question more in-depth or of technical nature? Contact us and our team will be glad to answer all your questions about the software, installation, and other procedures.

You can contact us by phone under +49 (0)6103-571698-0 or via e-mail to

Order and order confirmation

Once you have decided about the audimexSD software itself, a pricing model and the number of desired licenses and all your open questions have been clarified, the next step is the order. This has to be received by us in writing.

Providing the software

The latest version of the software can be downloaded from our website under Support or will be sent to you on a CD by post in the conventional manner.


The software's pragmatic approach is also reflected in the process of installation: audimexSD can easily be installed within half a day.

You have a manual at your disposal as a guide which explains the installation process step by step.

If required, we accompany your installation until going live.


After receiving your order, we serve you with a licence key. Enter the licence key into the activation screen while you are online.

If online activation is not possible, the activation can be done manually.

Implementaton Workshop

In the implementation workshop audimexSD is configured with your local administrator and filled with first data. He learns to manage audimexSD. Subsequently, the audit staff are trained.


Now you can use audimexSD completely. We are available for our customers and naturally provide the option of using our support. You can find information about this here.