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As a supplier and developer of complex business solutions for internal audit and compliance, we provide our customers all services from a single source. 

Within the last years, we have become a global company that has been successfully maintaining its position on the market as a developer and provider of high-quality software solutions for internal audit. At the Augsburg and Langen locations, we care for customers of all sizes and across all industries worldwide. Our activities range from the development of software solutions for internal audit and compliance, support of the end user, and technical support after implementation to the complete hosting of the applications.

Our products

audimexEE is the universal, standard web-based software for internal audit. audimexEE has proven itself in both large, global company group audits and medium-sized audits in all kinds of industries. The software was implemented on the basis of modern web technology as a completely new product in 2002 and has been continuously developed further ever since. audimexEE is thus not a piecework of several software modules, but rather a comprehensively integrated platform that flexibly adapts to individual requirements.



audimexSD is the ideal software for smaller audit units that pursue a pragmatic approach to audits without high investment costs. audimexSD is the successor of the audit software explAudit, which has long been established among German medium-sized companies. audimexSD is inspired by the software audimexEE, which was specially developed for the auditing units of large companies and which is used nationally and internationally across industries.