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Our history

Our company was established in 1999 based on the development of customised software and consulting activities. The most important milestone of our present concept is the development and implementation of our two products "audimex" and "explAudit".

The audit software "audimex" which is known as audimexEE today was launched in 2003 and has since then successfully established itself as a solution for global companies and large enterprises.

The predecessor of audimexSD "explAudit" was launched in 2008, with which we could finally offer an optimal solution to small and medium-sized audit departments for saving their internal audit.

Both products were re-launched in 2012 with innovative features and options: audimexEE offers a wide range of new features to large audit departments at the international level as well. In addition to a sophisticated system, numerous innovative added values and a new design, the new audimexSD is available for small and medium-sized audit departments and makes the day-to-day working processes easy. 


audimexEE was extended by a module for operative risk management. That forms another milestone within the progress of becoming an integrated governance system. Moreover, the company's partner network was extended by Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to German and English, audimexSD was launched in French as well in 2014. 


whistleblow gmbh, affiliated company of audimex ag, was founded. whistleblow gmbh is provider of the whistleblowing platform "" which allows anonymous reporting of cases of suspicion. With the product's concept, the company follows a unique approach within whistleblowing systems. 


Since October 2012, stb ag has traded under its new name audimex ag. Changes are also reflected in the company's products: audimex was re-launched and is known as Enterprise Edition "audimexEE". Even explAudit is getting a new fitting and is now nationally and internationally sold as "audimexSD" - Software designed for small audit departments.


Within 2011, stb ag has won various international customers. That formed an important milestone for the company's international direction.


audimex  - in its newest version -  supports the Internal Audit of the chain store business. Thus, stb ag offers software solutions for nearly all kind of Audit tasks, not only for those regarded as typical Audit tasks.

stb ag’s position as leading provider of high-value software solutions in the area of Internal Audit strengthens in Germany and Switzerland.


audimex reaches a considerable market position in Switzerland - many Swiss companies choose audimex for their Internal Audit Departments.
explAudit establishes as a tool for medium-sized Internal Audit divisions in Germany and Switzerland.


stb ag enlarges its product portfolio with explAudit and succeeds to win its first customers. Thus, stb ag covers the entire Internal Audit market: from small Internal Audit units to the biggest ones within international corporations.

For the first time stb ag gains customers in the area of municipal utilities and energy providers.


audimex is constantly being further developed and improved, and is establishing itself successfully across DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)


For the first time, audimex is able to convince  customers outside the financial industry, including international enterprises.


audimex, the standard software for internal audit is being launched and will get a foothold in the financial industry straight away.


WAL (Web Application Library), a development platform for complex business applications based on Web technology, which allows such applications to be developed to high quality even more quickly, efficiently, and thus inexpensively, is created. WAL is enlarged and optimized continuously, and finally forms the basis for implementing audimex.


On 1 Jan. 2000, stb GmbH is transformed into a public limited company, the stb ag. This continues to be headed by the founders of the firm, Markus Hövermann and Dr. Stefan Berchtold.


stb Software Technologie Beratung GmbH is founded on 13 Jan. 1999 by Markus Hövermann and Dr. Stefan Berchtold.